Creating Video-Cache Cache Type

March 4, 2012 admin Cache TypesMulti-CacheVideo Cache

Like most Geocachers I enjoy an interesting cache. When I hide caches I try to make them interesting as well. Ever since I’ve first heard about QR codes I’ve been looking for new ways to use them. Then one day it hit me, “Put a QR code in a geocache!”. Questions like “What would this code link to?” and “How would people know to use it?” started coming into mind. So I figured I’d sleep on it. I After a few days I came up with an answer. Create a Youtube account and have the QR codes link to videos for clues!

For our first project we wanted to try to entertain as well as stick to Geocaching rules. So what we did was script a story and film sections of it pertaining to the cache location. After editing the videos were uploaded to Youtube as “Unlisted” because hey, you wouldn’t want to give the location to your treasure to just anybody. The cache was found one day after it was made active.

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